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Opera and Vocal Masterclass 2024

Join us for an exceptional masterclass featuring soloists, opera artistic directors, and directors from the renowned Opera House. This event is dedicated to elevating opera art and providing a premier platform for young opera performers worldwide. Crafted to establish the highest standards in artistic education and communication, our masterclass assures rigorous mentorship from top music maestros, captivating concerts, enlightening lectures, and hands-on stage rehearsals. Here, students will have the chance to unleash their performance potential on an international platform, garnering recognition from leading music authorities and charting their course towards a global opera career. Witness the fusion of talent, guidance, and passion at our opera week, a pivotal event in your artistic journey!


Höhepunkte des Kurses


Highly acclaimed mentors

We welcome highly esteemed singers, renowned vocal educators, and opera coaches as instructors. They have been invited to share their valuable experience and outstanding skills with the participants.


Diverse performance opportunities

As part of Course program, numerous performances are scheduled, providing participants with the opportunity to showcase their talent on stage. These performances not only offer a rare chance for self-expression but also provide a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable stage experience.


Comprehensive course program

Our curriculum includes a variety of courses, including intensive one-on-one sessions with vocal masters, guidance courses for vocal artistry, stage performance courses, as well as rehearsals for opera arias and scenes. From basic skills to advanced performances, our courses cover all aspects and ensure that participants can maximize their singing and performance skills during the vocal week.


Production of "The Marriage of Figaro"

In 2024, participants have the opportunity to take part in the production of "The Marriage of Figaro" during the vocal week. This offers a unique chance to experience the intricacies of an opera performance.

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