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Chamber Ensemble

Chamber Ensemble


Announcement of the Youth Membership Recruitment of the MingClassics Chamber Orchestra: Let's Tune the Summer Symphony Together!

Dear music enthusiasts, As summer approaches, we are excited to announce the opening of our membership recruitment for advanced and ambitious young musicians for our MingClassics Music Festival Chamber Orchestra! This call is especially for dedicated and talented string players who already possess extensive knowledge and skills in playing their instruments. If you are interested in expanding your artistic abilities in a vibrant ensemble and performing in an inspiring environment, we warmly invite you to become part of our team.

Reasons to participate:

● Summer Festival Concert Performances: Selected musicians will have the opportunity to perform at our major summer concert and share their musical talents with the audience.

● Masterclasses: You will receive two private lessons from our concertmasters, a rare opportunity for learning and development.

● Ensemble Experience: Join our MingClassics Chamber Orchestra and work together with other musicians to create unforgettable musical experiences.

Target group:

● Advanced, ambitious, and trained young musicians who have a passion for music, especially for playing string instruments.

● Individuals with a solid musical foundation, experience in chamber music, and orchestra playing.

Application process:

  1. Submit a resume: Please send us your resume with information about your musical background, experiences, and relevant achievements.

  2. Submission of a performance video: Record a video (about 10 minutes) of your performance. The video should showcase your technical skills and your passion for music.

  3. Send your application and video link: Email your resume and performance video to our official email address:

Selection process: Our professional team will review all submitted applications and select the most promising musicians for the MingClassics Chamber Orchestra.

Selected applicants will receive an official invitation from us. Application deadline:

[May 30, 2024]

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your musical talent and become part of a dynamic orchestra. We look forward to your participation and to creating the most melodic sounds of this summer together! For more information, please visit our email


With warm regards,

The Team of the MingClassics Chamber Orchestra

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